Another wonderful movie from Pixar, which seems to have figured out how to tackle some unusual subjects in a way that’s both throughtful and entertaining.

Joe, a middle school music teacher, is about to get his big break with a gig at a music club, when he unexpectedly finds himself on the stairway to heaven.  Desperate to get back to earth, he finds himself in a life coaching seminar for new souls (the “Herebefore”?)  A plot is hatched.

This somewhat sketchy plot is held together by some fine voice performances, headlined by Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey.  The scenic design is also awesome, encompassing a fluorescent pink pirate ship, Bob Dylan, angels by Picasso, an obese cat, and Pizza Rat.

Whatever those guys are smoking, I want some of it.

Highly recommended.  On Disney Plus.

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