One Child Nation

This documentary about the one child policy enforced by the Chinese government for several decades tells an important story, although one that’s often difficult to watch.  The policy involved not only a massive propaganda effort to get people to have only one child, but also the active murder, either by late term abortions or actual exposure, of unwanted second children.  The orphanages set up by the Chinese government to arrange for the foreign adoption of some of these babies came about relatively late in the game.

The most disturbing parts of the documentary are the interviews with the people who participated in the program – the midwives who killed babies, the relatives who brought babies to street markets knowing that they would die,  the market vendors who watched them die.  Some have come to terms with their past – one midwife now spends her life trying to save high risk babies.  But far too many still justify their actions as totally necessary to save China from overpopulation.  Whether that’s their real belief or a colossal self deception to save their sanity is hard to say.

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