Occupied (season 3)

I really liked the first two seasons of this program which charts the fate of Norway following a “soft” occupation by Russia.  The range of reactions to the Russian occupation (active or passive resistance, cooperation, escape) obviously mirrors the Norwegian experience in WWII, but the program is none the worse for that.  And the picture it provides of contemporary Norway, with women in senior roles, an emerging minority population, and strong democratic institutions, is fascinating.

I think the show was a success, which is probably why they greenlit a third season, which deals with the aftermath of the end of the Russian incursion.  That story line probably owes a lot to the Norwegian experience too – do you punish the “collaborators” or pretend nothing has happened?  The writers haven’t done as good a job here setting out the moral issues – you know something has gone wrong when you wind up rooting for the “bad guys.”

My advice – watch the first two seasons, which chart a complete story, and comes to a satisfying (although bittersweet) ending.

On Netflix.

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