This Spanish TV currently streaming on Netflix continues the string of innovative TV programming coming out of Spain during the last few years (Velvet, Casa de Papel (Money Heist), El Tiempo di Costura (Between the Seams)).  Three working class students are given scholarships at an elite private high school.  Things go about as badly as you might expect, until a horrible crime occurs, and everything gets jumbled.  What sets this show apart from traditional high school angst drama are the three-dimensional, complex characters — the smart sensitive girl has a dark side, the BMOC is surprisingly sensitive, and even the school mean girl has unexpected depths of character.  The adult characters are more uni-dimensional, but their roles are relatively minor.  There’s a lot of sex in this show (hey – it’s high school) but as is typical in Spanish programs it’s presented as being emotionally meaningful and fun — sometimes both at once.  No rapes or manipulative sex, which shouldn’t be as rare as it is.

The 10-episode season ends with a not completely satisfying ending — fortunately, it’s already been renewed for a second season.

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