A Private War

This is the story of Marie Colvin, a war correspondent killed in Syria in 2012.  The movie grapples with why Colvin, who was famous for going into the most dangerous and difficult to access war zones, did what she did.  Was it to put a human face on massive tragedies, as she herself claimed?  Was it to win fame and the admiration of her colleagues?  Was being under fire a kind of drug she got addicted to?  The movie raises all of these questions, but wisely, doesn’t try to answer them.

Rosamund Pike gives an outstanding performance as Colvin. Although her personal life represents only a small part of the movie, it was nice to see a female character who has intimate relationships with men, but isn’t defined by them.

The supporting cast is also very good.  Tom Hollander, a fine actor, appears in both this movie and Bohemian Rhapsody – it must be his year.

This is not an easy movie to watch.  But it’s well worth your time.

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