Casa de Papel

A criminal mastermind known as “The Professor” puts together a group of experienced thieves, 11 in all, to pull off an audacious robbery. I think I’ve seen this movie before.


In this case, the gang is not robbing a casino, but the Spanish currency factory — the House Of Paper of the title.  The robbery quickly turns into a hostage negotiation drama, something else you’ve seen before, but particularly well-done here.

What I liked about this series is the way it turns the cliches of the genre on its head.  The criminals, who include two women and two big hairy gay guys,  are a bunch of sad sacks with “issues.”  The police hostage negotiator, a woman, has problems of her own.  Only the hostages seem sane.  And did I mention the Salvador Dali masks?

This entertaining piece of fluff dropped on Netflix just before Christmas and is in danger of getting lost in the shuffle.  If you’re looking for something offbeat, give it a try.

(Note:  in my opinion, this series runs a bit off the rails in the later episodes.)

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