I had high hopes for this sci-fi movie, and for the first 2 1/2 hours it actually was one of the best movies I’ve seen about artificial intelligence.  The clumsy, poorly-thought out ending really ruined the movie for me — your mileage may vary.

Young hot-shot programmer Caleb (Domnhall Gleeson, who some of you will recognize as one of the older Weasley brothers) is selected to evaluate a promising new AI technology.  He is sent to the Galt-like mountain fastness of the AI’s secretive and enormously rich creator, Nathan.  The AI is fashioned as a young woman who is, of course, stunning (Danish actress Alicia Vikander), which immediately leads to a level of emotional involvement for Caleb that makes him something other than a neutral observer.   It doesn’t help that Nathan seems at least as interested in playing with Caleb’s mind as in learning Caleb’s opinion.

The movie raises stimulating and important questions about the development of artificial intelligence.  Is it OK to use them s*xually?  How do you give them a moral education, and whose moral values should they be?  And what do you do with the failed experiments?  I only wish they had spent as much thought in resolving some of these issues as they did in raising them.

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