I really wanted to like this movie.  But I can see why it didn’t find an audience.  It moves too slowly for action movie fans, and is too spacey for the space movie fans — a bad combination.

When you’re doing a sci/fi movie, you have two choices —  you can speculate about stuff that doesn’t exist yet, based on plausible science, or just go with the mitochlorians.  This movie tries to do both.  The set up — in a not-so-distant future world devastated by climate change, a small group of heroic scientists struggle to put together an interstellar mission, to discover a new world for human beings — is eminently plausible.  The resolution is — not.

This isn’t a terrible movie.  Matthew McConaughey is pretty good as Cooper, the guy who points his ship into the unknown knowing that, for all practical purposes, he is likely never to be seen again.  There are lots of wonderful actors doing great things in small parts — any movie with Michael Caine in it is worth watching.  The multi-functional robot, TARS, is a brilliant creation — R2D2 with a wicked sense of humor (“commencing self-destruct sequence”).  The movie is full of “Easter Egg” references to classic sci/fi films (“That’s no wave.”)  Even Cooper’s name may be a play on DB Cooper — it’s that kind of movie.  And the special effects are fantastic, even on the small screen.

I’m glad I saw the movie.  But don’t expect too much.

Family viewing note:  Family relationships, and the nature of sacrifice and loss, are at the heart of this film, and inform some of the better scenes.

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