Gone Girl

A guy down on his luck is forced to move from NYC to Missouri with his high-maintenance wife.  The wife disappears, and before you can say good riddance, the guy is arrested for murder.

This isn’t a great movie, maybe not even a good one.  It doesn’t have a “message,” or even a point.    But it is certainly entertaining, despite its extended running time.  The screenplay, an adaptation by Gillian Flynn of her own novel, is crisply done — you won’t have time to notice the glaring plot holes until well after the movie is over.

Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike do a great job providing some credibility to totally non-believable characters.  The supporting cast is pretty good too.

So relax and enjoy it.  Just remember to turn your brain off first.

Family viewing note:  This movie has a well-deserved R rating for one scene of horrific violence.  And there are a number of offhand S&M references that you may or may not want to explain to your 12-year old.

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