It’s About Time

On his 21st birthday, a young British man learns from his father that the men, and only the men, in his family can travel through time.   There are certain limitations — you can’t visit the future, and you can only visit your own path.  But you can relive days where you messed up as many times as you like — Groundhog Day in reverse.

The movie deals with the paradoxes of time travel in the usual hand-waving way — this is not a science fiction movie.  But, like the best sci fi, it engages in interesting speculation — if you suddenly found out you had an awesome super power, how would it change your life?  Or would it

This movie was designed as light entertainment, and it succeeds on its own limited terms without condescending to its audience. It was made by the same team that did Love Actually — if you liked that one, you’ll probably like this.

It’s that rare thing — a movie pitched at adults which can nevertheless be enjoyed by the whole family.

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