Enough Said

Middle-aged divorced woman with shared custody of teen-aged daughter meets similarly situated man. They hit it off. Then she finds out her new boyfriend is the ex-husband of one of her friends. She knows what to do, but doesn’t do it.

This isn’t a particularly profound movie, but succeeds at telling its small story very well, with an emotional honesty that is rare in films. Julia Louise-Dreyfus, an actress I generally detest, gives a restrained, very convincing performance. James Gandolfini does very well in the part of a man with a non-glamorous job in the cesspool of glamor that is LA — about as far away from Tony Soprano as it is possible to get. His performance, along with the recurring jokes about his character’s weight, are particularly poignant, given that Gandolfini died shortly after this movie was released.

Parental note:  This film might be interesting to teenagers because of the scenes involving the two teenager and their relationships with their divorced parents and their new partners. On the other hand, be aware that the film treats high-school sex as a fact, albeit one not totally free from controversy.

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