This movie about guys who do crazy stupid sh*t for a living, and the women who love them, seems to have been lost in the Gravity well — which is too bad, because it’s pretty good. Not since the 1960’s film Gran Prix have we had such a close-up view of the Formula One racing circuit. The photography has only gotten better — the driver’s eye views of the race track, particularly in bad weather, are particularly awesome.

But you don’t have to be a racing fan to appreciate the drama of this epic battle between a high-living Brit and an almost comically anal Austrian for the overall racing prize in 1976.  It’s the human drama of athletic competition — although in this case, it seems the competition is for who can take the craziest risks and stay alive. The movie features generally good performances (except for Olivia Wilde, who is predictably awful). And It’s emotionally moving in a way you wouldn’t expect.

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