Star Trek — Into Darkness

I enjoyed this movie a lot, even more than the first one in the JJ Abrams reboot.

The plot is pretty flimsy (don’t think too hard), but the FX are great, the actions sequences are well done, and the dialogue is snappy and witty. The interactions between the main characters are, in many ways, even better than in the original series.  Zach Quinto continues to be more Spock than Spock, and the other actors have fleshed out the TV’s shows somewhat cardboard characters with intimations of real personalities. And Benedict Cumberbach makes an awesome villain. The pacing is great too — although the movie runs over two hours, I never once looked at my watch.

The film has been criticized for “militarizing” the Star Trek universe, but I disagree. If anything, the movie reaffirms the original show’s optimistic take on the future, so different from the dystopias of most modern sci fi films.

There are not as many Trekkie “in” jokes as in the first movie, but there are plenty of epic Easter Eggs for devoted fans.

One unfortunate design choice  — the new Starfleet dress uniforms look an awful lot like those of the Imperial officers in the Star Wars series. Now that JJ Abrams is responsible for both the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises, might he be trying to merge the two universes?  I strongly disapprove.