The Tourist

Sure the plot is flimsy enough to be lingerie. But it’s wonderful fun to watch Angelina Jolie march through this film like the tremendously hot woman she is, fully cognizant of the effect she has on men. Johnny Depp, in an uncharacteristically understated performance, is enjoyable too.  There are stronger-than-usual actors in the feature roles (Paul Bettany, Timothy Dalton, Rufus Sewell) and most of the film is shot on location in Venice.  What’s not to like?

My favorite scene occurs not long after the beginning of the film. Jolie enters a railroad car, looking for her mark.  She spies one guy sitting by himself, his tongue hanging out, and walks towards his seat. Suddently, his wife shows up, and sits down next to him.  The wife looks first at Jolie, then at her husband, his face now buried in a newspaper, then back at Jolie, with a “yeah, right” glance. Jolie gives an ever-so-slight shrug, by way of apology, and moves on to another likely target.

That whole scene took longer to describe than it took on the screen, so watch for it — it’s a small gem.

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