It’s Complicated

This movie about a divorced woman (Meryl Streep) with a successful career imitating Martha Stewart, trying to juggle a new relationship (Steve Martin) alongside a fling with her ex-husband (Alec Baldwin) is something of a disappointment.  It’s not nearly as funny as the trailer would indicate — in fact, the trailer includes pretty much all the movie’s funny lines.  Many of the scenes early in the movie, between Streep and her screechy women friends, Streep and her impossibly precious children, or Streep and her ex-husband’s harpy trophy wife, are amazingly bad.  And do we really need so many scenes of Streep apologizing for her aging body?  It’s not as though Baldwin is such a great physical specimen these days.

The movie takes a turn for the better about half-way through, when Streep and Martin decide to get stoned before attending her son’s graduation party.  They arrive at the party acting like teenagers — to the horror, of course, of their children. The movie then proceeds to unravel and resolve the tangled romantic relationships in a satisfying way, saying some interesting, but not particularly profound, things about relationships along the way.

The movie is an enjoyable piece of fluff — just don’t expect too much.  It’s not that complicated.


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