Flash Forward

A well-written sci fi show is a rarity in the TV world, but based on the first two episodes this appears to be one. The premise — just about everyone in the world “blacks out” for 2 minutes. There is tremendous loss of life, from those who were unlucky enough to be driving a car or flying in a plane at the time.  When folks wake up, they realize that many of them have had visions of their own lives, 6 months in the future. Some visions are good, some are bad, some are seemingly impossible.  Some have no visions at all — what does that mean? Some visions lead to interesting moral problems — if a wife sees herself with another man, does she confess her future adultery?  Ted thought the pacing was a little slow, but I appreciated the writers taking enough time to tell a complex story slowly. It’s the opposite of the frenetic pace on 24 (although this show clearly builds on 24’s government agency mystique — they even have their own girl geek). The cast features some very good actors — Joseph Fiennes as an FBI agent, and John Cho (“Sulu” in the recent Star Trek movie) as his Korean partner (although, since his first name is “Demetri,” he’s apparently a North Korean).  [Irresistable meta-note: the English actress Alex Kingston, who has a guest spot in the first episode, used to be married to Joe’s brother Ralph.]

Despite the recaps at the beginning of each episode, this is not a show where you can catch an episode once in a while and expect to figure out what’s going on. If you don[t have a DVR, ABC is apparently running reruns of Thursday’s first-run programs on Friday nights.  Enjoy!


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